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Francis the Great – Not Yet 8

Look Up In The Sky” is a commanding slab of 1977 West African funk that was recorded in Paris and voiced by 7-year-old FrancisThe GreatMbarga:

Francis the Great

Look Up In The Sky” (1977)

I wonder if the person who paid $750 last September for the original 1977 release will be chagrined to know that France’s Hot Casa Records reissued Ravissante Baby in February 2015.

Francis’s father – legendary highlife musician, Prince Nico Mbarga (born in Nigeria, parents from Nigeria and Cameroon) – served as producer on these two extended workouts – “Ravissante Baby” b/w “Look Up in the Sky” – that feature some of the top French and Cameroonian musicians of the day.

1977 & 1978 LPs, respectively

Prince Nico LP aPrince Nico LP b

Young Francis the Great put out one more full-length album that found release in Nigeria and France – Crazy Tube – before retirement beckoned in 1978.

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