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Greatest Hits

Maryland’s New State Anthem

“Silver Springs” Maryland:  Musically Unincorporated

H2O Gate Blues:  Silver Spring’s D&B Sound Studio

Gene Rosenthal’s Adelphi Records of Silver Spring

Track Recorders:  Bill McCullough

Track Recorders:  Silver Spring II

Rare & Unissued King Tracks II

90+ Years of Cincinnati in Song

90+ Years of Baltimore in Song

King Records Trivia:  “Maxi-Tweets

King’s Jazz Legacy:  “Maxi-Tweets

Ace UK Visits King Records Archives

King Records Meets Big Red
[i.e., Seymour Stein & King Records I]

Seymour Stein & King Records II
[includes bonus mini-Beatles quiz]

Calvin ‘Eagle Eye’ Shields:  Musical Pioneer

Philip Paul:  The Pulse of King

The Upsetters at King Records

Bernard Purdie @ King Records

Lonnie Mack at King Records

The Birth of The J.B.’s @ King Records

The Dapps at King Records

King 45s ThatBubbled Under

Quirky 45s ThatBubbled Under (1959-1976)

Summer Beach Read:  Fun Fluff  (1954-1979)

’65 Stones Song Known by Few

Rolling Stones Soundalike Albums

Oddball Beatles EPs Worldwide

Oddball Hendrix 45s Worldwide

Jimi Hendrix (and Beatles & Stones) on a K-Tel Album?

True or False?  Led Zep on K-Tel

‘Do It Now’:  Ronco’s Licensing Feat of Strength

Willis Brothers:  Giants of Diesel

Big Tennessee:  Ol’ Truckin’ Tex
(includes trucking tribute to 1965)

Burton & Mooney’s Diesel Classic

Ann Jones & HerAll-GirlBand

Skeeter Davis Confronts Nixon

FirstWomen’s LiberationLP
[posted November, 2016]

The (Inter) Galactic Twist Queens

Ali:  “The People’s Choice”

When Pelé Tried His Hand at Pop

Popeye in Pop’s Eye

“Shilo”:  First Pop Use of Toy Piano?

“Out of the Blue:  Earliest Toy Piano Pop Recording?

“Lucky Ladybug”:  First Pop Use of Phasing?

Earliest Melodica Recording ’64

“Six O’Clock”:  First Clavinet?

The Left Banke:  Clavinet ‘67

Peppermint Trolley:  Clavinet ‘67

Paul Beaver Played Clavinet, Too
(includes Emil Richards sessionography)

Purple Reign – From 1968!

World’s 1st Dead Heads:  Germany?

Bootleg EP — or — Just a Mirage?

TheMonkey Chantin Pop

Untamed World“:  Top TV Theme

The Dead:  In the Twilight Zone

“Fire in the City”:  Hendricks & the Dead

“Witchi Tai To”:  Pop Chant

Not Your Father’s “Purple Haze”

“Your Own Backyard”:  12-Step Rock

Clean Up Your Own Backyard“:
Elvis (Like Dion) Gardens From Within

The Great (Musical) Experiment:
‘s “We the People”

Toussaint’s Pop Persian Poetry

Jamil Nasser:  Jazz in Russia

Bob Johnston’s Golden Moldies

Streisand’s “Experimental” LP

Del Shannon’sLost1967 Album

Hop Wilson’s Steel Guitar Blues

Early Wailers:  Pre-Island Years

Trojan Records History Highlights

Sonia Pottinger:  Jamaica’s First Female Record Producer

Reggae’s “Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida”

Kingstonians’ $800 Rocksteady

Rocksteady:  Cowbell Golden Era

Forgotten 1968 UK Rocksteady 45

1960s Ska in the US Market

‘Scully’ and His Green Thumb

You Don’t Love Me“:  Where Blues and Reggae Intersect

1967”:  Adrian Belew, Confirmed Believer

First Steinberger Bass Sighting?

Charlie Byrd’s Guitar Weeps – Due to Late 60s Social Tumult

Roy Orbison (is) The Fastest Guitar Alive

Jerry Cole:  The Neil Young of LA Session Players

Andy Tielman’s 10-String Guitar

Los Straitjackets:  ¡Viva La Instrumental!

Bowling U.S.A.:  Ten-Pin Pop  (i.e., Bowling Songs)

“Library”:  Where Books Are Free  (i.e., Library Songs)

Garlic in Popular Music  (i.e., Garlic Songs)

Apollo-Themed 45 Releases

Duke Ellington Meets Apollo 11

Pickwick:  Dukes of Deception

Foreman“:  Sanitation Engineer

Nashville Chowdown:  Rice’s Great Image Makeover

Lloyd Green Stumps for Baldwin

Lloyd Green:  “Mr. Nashville Sound
(plus baffling backwards B-side)

“My Mary”:  The Mother of Backwards B-Sides

Rare 1965 Jimmy Page B-Side

Goldie & the Gingerbreads B-Side

B-Side:  Called up to the Majors
[plus Chips Moman ‘Top-40’ Playlist]

Mad Magazine’s Multi-Groove Flexi-disc

Fabulous Las Vegas Roulette:  Multi-Track LP

God Pop on the Charts:  Early 70s

Weapons of Peace:  Kill With Kindness

Only on 8-Track

Brevity in Pop:  Know When to Fold (i.e., Short Songs)

41-Second Christmas Song

RC Mob:  Transit Advocates?

Red Simpson/David Bowie Tribute

“Guitar Boy”:  Africa’s Guitar King

“Click Song #1”:  African Pop Goes International

Ralph Emery Messes With Joe Stampley’s Head

In Hindsight, the Lawsuit Was Inevitable

Games People Play”:
Bassist Wakes Drummer Using Musical Chops

Desiree“:  30 Hours in the Making

“Plain Jane”:  Mean People Suck

“Louie Louie”:  Languid, Listless

The Most Literal Cover Version Ever

“Cast and Crew”:  Cinema Credits as High Art

“Bob”:  Palindromic in the Extreme

“Bob”:  The Willis Brothers, Not Weird Al

“Weather Report”:  Play the Simon & Garfunkel Game

Arif Mardin @ Muscle Shoals
(plus Beatles 1967 picture sleeves worldwide)

Mountain Mambo”:  Latinbilly
(includes salute to steel guitar on King Records)

King Records:  Oddball Historical Tidbits

Bethlehem Records:  Post-Syd

Tokyo Happy Coats:  Japanese Pop on King Records

King Records Goes Ska

King’s Budget Subsidiary LabelAudioLab

The Real Cincinnati Kid

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