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Zero to 180 Has a New Subject Taxonomy!

This website first took flight on December 12, 2012 (i.e., 12-12-12), so it would only makes sense for Zero to 180 to file articles of organization paperwork with the State of Maryland at this most providential point in time: 2-22-22.

Recently, you may have noticed the website’s new look, layout, and logo, but if you peek under the hood, you will discover that Zero to 180 has also revamped its categorization terminology. These category terms, organized in a hierarchical arrangement below, enable you to grab all Zero to 180 pieces that are related thematically in a single set:

The New Taxonomy

Zero to 180 uses the following topical categories & sub-categories

Question: How can I utilize this new subject taxonomy on the Zero to 180 website?

Answer: Look for All Categories on the right-side of the home page just below “All Things King” and the Search box.

Click on the drop-down menu buttonArtists/Musicians/Songwriters/Producers/Engineers/Label Staff appears as the first category listed at the top (and a rather lengthy one, I should point out). Simply scroll down alphabetically amongst the various topics A-Z and select any that tickle your fancy:

Zero to 180:

By The Numbers

When you scroll the list of Zero to 180 categories, the numeral in parentheses next to each term tells you how many posts are categorized with regard to that particular topic. Here is a strictly-by-the-numbers survey of Zero to 180’s content from a bird’s-eye perspective (as of February 22, 2022) = a few representative samples:

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