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“Wildcat Run”: World’s Fastest Key Change?

It is practically a law in country music that a tune must change keys at least once before song’s end.  And the key change must modulate upward, never downward.

Which raises the obvious question, and it’s a big one —

Q:  Which country song changes keys quickest, starting from 0:00?

That’s right, get out your stopwatches.

In the meantime, I think I might have a contender:

Wildcat Run” – a truck driving song from Red Sovine.

Note that the song starts in G Major – but only 27 seconds later the song has already shifted up to G-Sharp Major.  But wait, don’t get too comfortable just yet – only 25 more seconds will transpire and we will have modulated upward yet again to A Major.  That’s two key changes in just 52 seconds.   Even better – the entire song clocks in at a lean 80 seconds.

Cash Box

Oct. 21, 1967

Can anyone beat 27 seconds?

(image courtesy of Discogs)


“Wildcat Run” appears to have initially been released on the 1966 Starday truck driving album, Thunder On The Road.


LINK to Truck Driving Songs

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