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“Whine and Grine”: Rocksteady with Pre-Fame Jeremy Sisto

Thanks to Dave Katz‘s feature article about Prince Buster in the June 2008 issue of Mojo for leading me to this 1998 Levi’s ad that stars a young Jeremy Sisto before the HBO series, Six Feet Under, made him a breakout star:

The advert utilizes Prince Buster‘s 1968 single “Whine and Grine” for its musical backdrop (although, as Katz points out, this version has been reconfigured by the rhythm section of top UK roots reggae outfit, Aswadclick here to compare with the original release).  Amusing how the “shake it up” lyric sets up the pivotal earthquake plot point around which this ad centers – note how Sisto’s rigid jeans stay unfailingly affixed to his body.

Hope the Prince got paid a King’s ransom for the song’s use.

Island would issue this new version on the heels of the buzz created by the Levi’s ad, and Buster would have a UK Top 30 hit (#21) in April of 1998.  Aswad’s Drummie Zeb and Tony Gad would get producer credits on the updated version.

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