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“Wave Bye Bye to the Man”: Good Riddance to Bad Man

Lynn Anderson’s ‘hard country’ take on “Wave Bye Bye to the Man” – a mother and child’s declaration of independence from a bad dad – provides a musical punch that perfectly matches the lyric:

“Wave Bye Bye To The Man”

Lynn Anderson (1969)

Interesting to hear Lawanda Lindsey‘s version of the song from the previous year (1968) and notice how the flute part takes some of the edge off the song.

Record World

May 18, 1968

As lovely as it sounds, the flute, unfortunately, is no match for the twin guitars that kick off Lynn Anderson’s driving version.  Oddly, “Wave Bye Bye to the Man” ended up as a B-side to “Our House is Not a Home (unless, inspired by The Beatles’ example, this was intended as a double-A side, although judging from the ad below, that would appear not to be the case).

Wave Bye Bye” –

Kicked to the curb

Anderson recorded for the Chart label for four years beginning in 1966, until she got a record deal with Columbia in 1970.  “Wave Bye Bye to the Man” – included on 1969’s With Love From Lynn (and then again on 1970’s Uptown Country Girl) – is notable, however, for its renegade sound and darkly humorous sensibility that is very much in keeping with what Shelby Singleton and Plantation Records were putting out at the same time.

Wave Bye Bye to the Man” –

Music and lyrics by Lawanda Lindsey and Joe Gibson

Cover photo by Dan Quest

1970 would see Anderson go on to release two more albums that same year for Columbia, having also released three albums the previous year for Chart.


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