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“V.I.P.’s Boogie”: Duke Ellington Indulges in Some Name Calling

Thanks to WeirdWildRealm for the back story on a video performance that knocks me out every time I see it — The Duke Ellington Orchestra performing “V.I.P.’s Boogie” (fused to “Jam with Sam“) in a 1951 Snader transcription film:

“VIP’s Boogie” / “Jam With Sam”

The Duke Ellington Orchestra (1951)

Harry Carney:  bass clarinet
Jimmy Hamilton:  clarinet
Wade Cook:  trumpet
Paul Gonsalves:  tenor sax
Britt Woodman:  trombone
Russell Procope:  alto sax
Cat Anderson:  trumpet
Quentin Jackson:  toilet-plunger mute trombone
Willie Smith:  alto sax
Louis Bellson:  drums
Wendell Marshall:  bass

For the most part, these transcriptions, says WeirdWildRealm, “were recycled into sets of Snader & Studio telescriptions for syndication to television in half-hour bites, as trumped up concerts of sundry performers filmed between 1950 and 1954.  These always added an emcee (Willie Bryant) and comedians to connect the mini-movies into a whole.”

Furthermore, these soundtracks “were tinkered with a bit to provide audience reactions and ‘curtains’ were added, all designed to give the impression of concerts at the Apollo Theater, which, though unconvincing, has nevertheless fooled a lot of people ever since.  Duke’s portion were actually filmed at California Studios in Los Angeles.”

Columbia did issue a 10-inch single in 1952 of “V.I.P.’s Boogie” b/w with “Jam with Sam” that was recorded at the almighty label’s New York City studio on May 10, 1951.

VIP's Boogie 78-aVIP's Boogie 78-b

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