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Update: Gerry Goffin Almost Certainly Set Foot in Silver Spring

Gene Rosenthal, owner of Silver Spring’s independent folk/blues/jazz/gospel/reggae/rock label, Adelphi Records, injects a heavy dose of truth into all this wild, half-researched speculation as to whether Gerry Goffin actually came to Silver Spring, Maryland to record his first (of two) solo albums:

“Gerry actually had family in the Silver Spring area, an Uncle and Aunt as I recall. Gerry himself, met with me here in Silver Spring, prior to the release of his FIRST Adelphi LP (AD 4102) It Aint Exactly Entertainment (Double LP).  He has a second release on Adelphi, still in print on CD, entitled Back Room Blood released in 1996, as well as a 3-song CD single also released in 1996. (BOTH include “I’ve Got To Use My Imagination”).

Regarding local involvement:
Dick Bangham designed the Label for the 45 single “Spotlight”.  The Double LP jacket was printed and fabricated at ITI in Baltimore, which is also where George Massenburg, world renowned engineer and audio designer built and ran his first studio……recording Little Feat, amongst others there.  Both the Double LP & the Single were also pressed at the ITI subdivision pressing plant know as Sontec (all located in Cockeysville/Baltimore).

At one point in time, I personally worked on the existing 16 track masters of Goffin at Track, with, I believe, O.B. O’Brien engineering, just doing some alternate test mixes, and editing out a piece of 2″ master tape, which included an “unreleased” title from the sessions called “Ghost Story”……..

There’s an entirely “unreleased” 2nd LP (CD) from these same sessions.”

Finally, in response to my statement – “It is doubtful that Gerry Goffin set foot in Silver Spring, but not wholly implausible either” – Rosenthal playfully rejoins, “NOT IMPLAUSIBLE AT ALL!”

So, you might be wondering, did Gerry Goffin actually record his double debut album in Silver Spring?    Click here to revisit the original blog post – now with juicy epilogue.

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