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“TV Commercials”: ‘Mad Men’ Cautionary Tale

Don Bowman, in February 1961, presciently grasped the enormity of Madison Avenue and advertising’s outsized influence on American attitudes and marketplace behavior in his first single, “T.V. Commercials“:

“T.V. Commercials” served as the B-side of “Coward at the Alamo” and, judging by its catalog number, appears to be among the last three 45 releases by tiny little Lagree label out of Los Angeles, California.

Conducted by Jimmy Haskell

TV Commercials 45

LINK to Utz Potato Chips commercial from the Mad Men television series


Does Humor Belong in Music? 

Don Bowman Says Yes

T.V. Commercials” is the first in a long line of cheeky song titles

Chit Atkins, Make Me a Star” (his first single for RCA)

World’s Worst Guitar Picker

Dear Harlan Howard” (written with Red Simpson)

I Get the Feeling We’re Through

Giddy Up Do-Not” (written with Red Sovine)

Folsom Prison Blues #2” (written with Johnny Cash)

Messin’ Up My Mind” (written with John Hartford)

Poor Old Ugly Gladys Jones” (written with Waylon Jennings)

I Owe It All to You, Chit Atkins” (final single for RCA)

Sierra Exif JPEG


LINK to Advertising +/- Marketing in Popular Music

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