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“Truck Driver”: Pop Goes the Diesel from The Archies

1968 was a great year for truck driving songs

My Big Truck Drivin’ Man” by Kitty Wells

Big Rig Rollin’ Man” by Johnny Dollar

Gear Bustin’ Sort of Feller” by Bobby Braddock

There Ain’t No Easy Run” by Dave Dudley

I Want to Be a Truck Driver’s Sweetheart” by Marcy Dickerson

Somebody Stole My Rig” by Shel Silverstein

The Truck Drivin’ Cat with Nine Wives” by Jim Nesbitt

… and “Truck Driver” by The Archies:

Archies - Truck Driver 45

Written by legendary songwriter and Archies mastermind, Jeff Barry, “Truck Driver” was the B-side to “Bang-Shang-a-Lang” – The Archies’ debut 45 released in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Rhodesia (with “I’m in Love” replacing “Truck Driver” in Spain).

Record World

November 16, 1968

The rough, scratchy version (formerly posted) here actually comes from a 12″ Archies compilation, Jingle Jangle, on the Kirshner label (whose RCA-affiliated distribution network included India) that features fun cover art:

Archies - Jingle Jangle LP

Don Kirshner, in no way pushing back against hippie culture —

Liner notes

back cover

It’s sunshine, love – the sparkle of young, spirited voices creating clean, pure fun with their music.  The comic-strip American characters, creations of John L. Goldwater, are bright, happy teen-agers and always have been.  As American as baseball, as popular on the international scene as jet travel and still as uncomplicated as a frisky puppy.  The Archies build up with good nature rather than tearing down with bitterness and disillusionment….

This has been the year of the Astronauts landing on the moon, the Mets, and the Archies.  Not only are all three sensational but each one holds a promise of more to come.  Have fun with the Archies.  Delight in the Jingle Jangle of their sound.

Record World

May 18, 1968


LINK to Truck Driving Songs on Zero to 180

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