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Too Far or Not Enough – The Consensus on Lennon?

The overwhelming majority of Beatle novelty and tribute songs were released in the first flush of Beatlemania when the Fab Four were at their peak level of cuddliness.  However, with the release “John You Went Too Far This Time” — in direct response to John & Yoko‘s controversial Two Virgins album cover in which the two artists appear solely in the flesh — it is clear in hindsight that, by this point in late 1968, public feeling toward The Beatles had, indeed, begun to turn:

How fascinating to learn that the song’s singer – billed on the record simply as Rainbo – turns out to be actress, Sissy Spacek, of all people, in a one-off 45 on the Roulette label.

A Ron Haffkine Production

Arranged by Paul Harris

Best lyric:

“The man with the foolish grin … is you”


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