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“This Old Town”: Where Love is the Prevailing Order

In Wilson Pickett‘s town, universal respect for the humanity common to us all allows for an enlightened self-governance to rule the day.

This Old Town

Wilson Pickett (1970)

This Old Town” from Pickett’s 1970 Atlantic album, Right On, was never to appear on a 45, which is a shame, since I think it’s a classic.

The people in this town ain’t got no faces –

They just got love between the races.

The people in this town don’t do no cryin’ –

Don’t have to rob and steal for survivin’.

The heart that should be speaking out just won’t stay silent –

And everybody knows that no man is an island.

I saw a father and his son walking down the street –

They walked hand in hand, what a beautiful sight to see (that makes me know)

The people in this town don’t need no soldiers –

They don’t go around looking over their shoulders.

Everyone’s going around shaking hands, loving everybody and their fellow man –

Ain’t got no room for aggravation, what they love is communication.

Now open up your heart to harmony –

Give a little love, it will set you free.

You don’t have to go round searching for this town –

Right in your heart is where it’s found.

Song written by William Stevenson, Don Covay & Wilson Pickett


LP Musician & Production Credits

Musicianship provided by The Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section:
Roger Hawkins – drums
David Hood – bass
Eddie Hinton – lead guitar
Jimmy Johnson – rhythm guitar
Barry Beckett – keyboards
Cissy Houston – vocals
Judy Clay – vocals
Jackie Vercell – vocals
Jerome Gasper – vocals
Producer – Jerry Wexler
Producer – Tom Dowd


Cash Box

Feb. 3, 1968


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