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The World’s First Sing-Along Instrumental?

The latest effort from Silver Spring-based duo, Dubble Trubble, in celebration of Zero to 180’s ninth birthday:

Inspired by Mark Cuban‘s recurring catch phrase on TV’s Shark Tank, could this be the world’s first sing-along instrumental?

Check out this 100-second version of “(For Those Reasons) I’m Out” that features drum work by Bob Mitchell (Ferns) and the mixing talents of Rick Mosher (Bachelors of Art).

(For Those Reasons) I’m Out

You can also stream the entire song at SoundCloud:

Click on SoundCloud link


Zero to 180 Milestones:  Years 0-8

  • 1st anniversary piece that featured an exclusive “Howard Dean” remix of a delightful Sesame Street song about anger management (with a special rant about how WordPress’s peculiarities made me homicidal the moment I launched this blog).

  • 2nd anniversary piece that refused to acknowledge the milestone but instead celebrated the under-sung legacy of songwriter/session musician, Joe South – with a link to South’s first 45, a novelty tune that playfully laments Texas’s change in status as the nation’s largest state upon Alaska’s entry into the Union.

  • 3rd anniversary piece that revealed the depths to which Zero to 180 will sink in order to foist his own amateur recordings onto an unsuspecting and trusting populace.

  • 4th anniversary piece that formalized – as a public service – musical chord changes for an old (and tuneless) “hot potato” playground game called ‘The Wonderball.’

  • 6th anniversary piece that introduced contemporary music product (dub-inspired pop fusion) — in direct violation of Zero to 180’s must-be-20-years-or-older policy.

  • 8th anniversary piece that celebrated the musical legacy of Washington’s one-time “favorite folk singer” and beloved drama chair at DC’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Donal Leace.

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