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The Rustix Say Goodbye?

I guess it is fitting – albeit in a grim sort of way – that the final single released by overlooked Motown band, The Rustix, would be a song entitled “We All End Up in Boxes”:

“We All End Up in Boxes”     The Rustix     1971

I love how the music takes a left turn to jaunty-ville each time the lyrical refrain – “we all end up in boxes” – makes an appearance.  Song penned by Mike Valvano & Richard Drapkin.

The Rustix would release two albums on Motown imprint, Rare Earth, before all remaining unsold copies of their final 45 ended up in boxes and shipped back to Motown.

Rustix 45 reviewer, Scott Blackerby, observes that “We All End Up in Boxes” was the second of two non-LP singles issued after the release of their second and final album, Come on People.  Rochester, New York’s City Newspaper – in its “History of Rock in the ROC” – points out that The Rustix (and the Soft Machine) opened for Jimi Hendrix in his first appearance in “The Flour City.”

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