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Muffetts 45: Purchased by Laurie Records

Thanks to “tymeshifter” at rateyourmusic for providing the back story on a single issued by Counterpart Records whose A and B sides were purchased (I’m shocked) by Laurie Records in 1968:

Hurricane WV‘s The Mojos, who begat The Muffetts

Mojos 45

These guys were previously known as The Mojos from West Virginia.  Their manager talked them into relocating to Columbus, OH in order to fulfill contractual obligations for a band called The Muphets, who had just disbanded.  They immediately renamed themselves The Muffetts for that purpose.  This first single was originally released on Counterpart, but picked up by Laurie a few months later.  And it’s a killer!.  Side A is mid-tempo garage/pop with fuzz weaving throughout, vocal harmony and fairly loud drumming.  The other side is mid-slow, garage influenced psych with vocal harmony, acoustic guitar and a reverbed fuzz-wah break.


The Muffetts

(Written by Steven Farley)

I love the acoustic guitars that precede the vintage 1968 fuzztone electric lead guitar and “Moody Blues” harmonies that follow each verse – so much so, in fact, that I’m even willing to look the other way when they nick the bridge to “Incense and Peppermints” for their own!

It would appear that B-side “Heather Girl” made Columbus, OH’s WCOL AM’s Top 40 hit list for two weeks in Summer 1968.  Produced by Ray Allen.

The Muffetts would release one more (rare) single on NYC’s Chelsea Ltd label in 1969 — “Dance, Dance, Dance” b/w “Make It Alright.”

A Shad Day Production” –

Could Shad O’Shea be involved?


LINK to other stories related to Shad O’Shea’s Counterpart Records

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