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The Chosen Few: Rhyming Is Overrated

Thanks to Lyle Upchurch for pointing me to Muncie, Indiana’s The Chosen Few, who released a garage rock classic “You Don’t Rhyme” in 1967, pop music’s peak year:

“It Just Don’t Rhyme”     The Chosen Few     1967

Dig the arrangement of the song’s ending, with the plaintive guitar chord and (spoiler alert!) surprise harmony vocal.

That same year (November 23, 1967, to be exact), the Chosen Few would have the honor of opening for The Who at the New Barn, Lions Delaware County Fairgrounds, in their own hometown!

The Chosen Few would get signed to RCA and release their debut album in 1969 — the following year this album would find release in, of all places, Brazil (in mono, though).

Chosen Few LPThe Chosen Few’s debut RCA 45 – “Maybe the Rain Will Fall” b/w “Deeper In” – would also enjoy distribution in the UK and Australia.

Garage Hangover has the band’s history, with cool photos and all the group name and lineup changes over the years

“It Just Don’t Rhyme” vs. “Nothing Rhymed”:   Smackdown!

Just three years later, Gilbert (“Alone Again Naturally”) O’Sullivan would release a song whose title likewise implied that it lacked a rhyme scheme (“Nothing Rhymed“) when, in fact, the opposite was true.

Who Really Wrote “Hang On Sloopy” – Ohio’s Official State Song?

LATE-BREAKING CONTROVERSY:  Did The Chosen Few – not The McCoys – really write Ohio’s official state song “Hang On Sloopy”?  Garage Hangover includes a quote from Brent Nephew, son of bandmember Steve Nephew:  “Not many people know this but my mom tells me they also wrote ‘Hang on Sloopy’ which was stolen by the McCoys in 1969, I believe. I don’t know if that can be verified or not but it would be interesting to know more.”  As Rick Derringer explains in this video clip, the song was brought to the band by their producers — but did Bert Berns really write it while living in Cuba, as Derringer says?

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