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The Buggs: Low-Budget Beatles

Upon playing the debut (and only) album by The Buggs, once discovers that the band, in their particularly mercenary bid to piggyback off The Beatles‘ success, utilized song titles as simple vessels for parking exotic English place names and popular dance moves, with no consideration whatsoever for the song’s actual lyrics.  For example, you will find not a single reference to the Tower of Parliament in the song “Big Ben Hop” — but you will find references galore to a spunky lass nicknamed “Sassy Sue.”   Similarly, you won’t find any mention of England’s capital city in “London Town Swing” but rather a tale of unrequited love that is underscored by the singer’s anguished refrain, “Why won’t you love the boy who loves you?“:

Love the Boy Who Loves You – The Buggs

[Pssst:  Click the triangle above to play “Love the Boy Who Loves You” by The Buggs]

The Beetle Beat

Recorded in England*

*According to Discogs, the events surrounding this recording are much more sinister than anyone at the time could have imagined:

This album was actually recorded in the New Jersey/New York area by a group named The Coachmen V featuring Gary Wright later of Spooky Tooth, and was to be self-titled. Coronet Records hijacked the tape and the band was paid nothing.  Later repackaged as “Boots A Go Go” again with no payment to the band.  “The Buggs” never really existed.

LP Musician Credits

Gary Wright – Organ & Vocals
Frank Zillitto – Guitar
Bill Omolski – Bass
Unknown – Drums


A rose by any other color


Cracking the Code

Given the wild disparity between song titles and actual lyrical content, Zero to 180 – as a public service – has created this song title conversion chart to help guide the listener toward greater truth and accuracy:

Nominal Song Title             Actual Song Title

“Liverpool Drag”            “Leave That Man”

“Swingin’ Thames”      “We Belong Together”

“East End”              “Since You Went Away”

“Mersey Mercy”            “You Got Me Bugged”

“Teddy Boy Stomp”         “I’ll Never Leave You”

“Soho Mash”                   “Just One Look”

“Big Ben Hop”            “Sassy Sue”

“London Town Swing”   “Love The Boy Who Loves You”

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