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The Boss Guitars’ Cinemusica

Kapp had big plans for The Boss Guitars.  This US indie label had an impressive global distribution network, and 1965 would see the release of recordings by the guitar duo in the US, UK, Spain, and Germany (possibly even Hong Kong and Brazil).  The group’s debut album, The Boss Guitars Play the Winners, would even find release in the UK as Tocan Las Triunfadoras – with all titles in Spanish!

Boss Guitars LP

Kapp would include follow-up album, Makin’ Out at the Movies, in a full-page ad for its latest “product line” for Billboard‘s September 4, 1965 edition that described the album in these alluring sales and marketing terms:   .

Great guitar pop-rock sounds playing the best of the new movie themes – an unbeatable combination.  Guitar music and guitars themselves are proven consistent sales making items.  A wide-open market.

The Boss Guitars — utilizing the jangly new sound of an electric 12-string guitar — would give Henry Mancini‘s “The Sweetheart Tree” (from The Great Race) a refreshing makeover on the duo’s cinematic-themed second album:

The Boss Guitars

The Sweetheart Tree” (1965)

Despite the rosy sales forecasts, Makin’ Out at the Movies sadly proved to be The Boss Guitars’ swansong.  Kapp would, however, make one final push the following year with an EP, Cinemusica, that contains four selections from Makin’ Out at the Movies.  In a curious postscript, these same four tracks would also be included – 22 years later – on a vinyl compilation released by Spain’s Alligator Records that would also include songs by three other artists:  Nero & the Gladiators, Los Telstar, and Los Flash.

LINK to 12-string guitar on Zero to 180

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