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The Black Watch: Please Watch

You can scan the alphabetical listing of musical artists on the right-hand side of this blog, but good luck finding The Beatles (does The Beatle Buddies count — or Beatle Novelty Songs?).  And yet those lads from Liverpool permeate the spirit of this website in all sorts of ways (e.g., the previous entry on Sloan, just to name a recent example).  Messed up, isn’t it?

2002’s ‘Jiggery Pokery’ LP

Black Watch Jiggery Pokery LPWould you be upset if Zero to 180 violated its must-be-at-least-20-years-old policy by featuring a fantastic Beatle-ish track by Los Angeles modern rockers, The Black Watch — “Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said” from 2002’s Jiggery Pokery album?  The song is represented on YouTube with a single clip (1,303 views – seriously?), as it lies in wait for you to discover its viola-driven charms:

“Tennis Playing Poet Roethke Said”     Black Watch     2002

Check out the Beatle bass on the bridge — fool your friends with the fib that Sir Paul himself is driving the bottom end on this tuneful track.  They just might fall for it!  Note, too, the deadpan humor of the song title and a lyric that dares to rhyme “extremely barbituated” with “likewise situated”  How many literary-themed pop songs can you cite that are this danceable?

Frustratingly little written about this song – and yet it hit the #10 spot on College Music Journal’s RAM (Realtime Airplay Metrics) College Crucial Spins list in November, 2002.

Does humor belong in music?

Black Watch LP - Led Zep VBlack Watch mastermind, John Andrew Frederick, was kind enough to humor Zero to 180 when it recently tugged on his skirt, pleased that this history blog was featuring a song from 13 years or so ago while at the same time eager to emphasize that there’s a new Black Watch release that any self-respecting enthusiast of contemporary popular music would be remiss for excluding from his or her song library.  Highs and Lows, says John, is the latest Black Watch album on Austin’s Pop Culture Press Culture.  You can pick up the album via Pop Culture Press’ FB page – or at Sears, where all the cool kids shop.

John Andrew Frederick – in CinemaScope

John Andrew FrederickClick here to check out an informative and funny piece from Kevin Bronson of in which Frederick finally comes clean and confesses to “Beatle worship” — includes link to frighteningly catchy new track “Quondam Redhead.”

Indie, indeed:  8th Zero to 180 piece tagged as Modern Rock

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