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“Tennessee Border”: Nashville All-Star Band

Tennessee Border” is a tuneful instrumental from an album, That Happy Nashville Sound, that features some of the finest musicianship that 1960s Nashville had to offer:

Happy Nashville LP

I’m surprised, however, by how little I can find about this 1967 album on the internet.  Perhaps now is a good time for Bear Family or Collectors’ Choice to reissue this album?

[Pssst: Click the triangle to play “Tennessee Border” by the Nashville All-Stars]

Despite its year of release, it would appear that these recordings had already taken place in late 1964 at RCA’s Nashville studios — thanks to Discogs for the recording session particulars:

12 November 1964 –

RCA Victor Studio – Nashville

The Nashville All Stars

Ray Edenton & Jerry Shook:  rhythm guitar
Jerry Reed Hubbard:  electric guitar
Pete Wade:   electric guitar & dobro
Lloyd Green:   steel guitar
Henry Strzelecki:  bass
Buddy Harman & Willie Ackerman:   drums
Wade Ray:   fiddle
Charlie McCoy:   harmonica
Hargus Robbins & Jerry Smith:   piano
Bill Walker:   vibes & harpsichord

Bob Ferguson & Chet Atkins:  producers

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