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"I'm Thankful"

“Thankful”: Plateful of Grateful

Zero to 180 has a soft spot for populist anthems that promote unity, such as “We the People” by Allan Toussiant, “Time to Get It Together” by Tom Jones, and “This Old Town” by Wilson Pickett. “I’m Thankful” — originally produced by Sam Cooke and recorded for the 1961 album

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"This Old Town"

“This Old Town”: Where Love is the Prevailing Order

In Wilson Pickett‘s town, universal respect for the humanity common to us all allows for an enlightened self-governance to rule the day. “This Old Town“ Wilson Pickett (1970) “This Old Town” from Pickett’s 1970 Atlantic album, Right On, was never to appear on a 45, which is a shame, since

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