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"If You Never Say Goodbye"

“If You Never Say Goodbye”: Warner Brothers Drops the Ball

Dionne Warwicke‘s first album for Warner Brothers in 1972, sadly, was her last with masterful songwriting duo, Burt Bacharach and Hal David, their partnership in the process of dissolution.  How perplexing that Warner Brothers would lure Dionne with a five-million dollar contract (big money in 1971) but then only release

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Mason Williams: Music + Comedy + Art

From David Bianculli‘s history of the Smothers Brothers’ groundbreaking television variety show, I discovered that Mason Williams was much more than the guy who wrote the million-selling instrumental, “Classical Gas.”   Williams not only recorded albums for Warner Brothers (and Mercury & Vee Jay) but also wrote incisive and edgy sketches for

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"Look at My Face"

Look At Alan Price’s Face – But Be Sure To Listen To His Synth

Alan Price gets an intoxicating sound out of his trusty synthesizer on this lovely track from 1974’s Between Today and Yesterday on Warner Brothers: “Look at My Face“ Alan Price (1974) LP Musician & Production Credits Alan Price – Piano, Organ & Vocals Colin Green – Guitar Dave Markee – Bass

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