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Advertising +/- marketing in popular music

This Record Could Win You $1 Million?

Insidious 1980s McDonald’s campaign that used music for crass commercial purposes: This musical ad immediately brings to mind last August’s piece about the history behind Jimmy Radcliffe‘s gospel-flavored “R&B” take on “You Deserve a Break Today” for McDonald’s in the 1970s. Radcliffe, by the way, would release at least eight

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"One in a Hundred"

“One in a Hundred”: Gene Clark’s Appeal to the One Per Cent

It’s nice to see Gene Clark getting more recognition in recent years for his role, along with Mike Nesmith, Hearts & Flowers, Byrds, Dylan (and others), in helping to forge a “country rock” (or as Gram Parsons envisioned it, “Cosmic American”) sound.  Last year, in fact, folks on the East

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"I've Got to Be Strong"

“I’ve Got to Be Strong”: Cultivating Inner Discipline

The horns really drive the sound in this great 1966 single “I’ve Got to Be Strong” from Chuck Jackson on the Wand label, an imprint of Scepter: Billboard predicted that “I’ve Got To Be Strong” would reach the Hot 100 chart in its October 22, 1966 edition.  That same week,

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