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‘Sister Baby Merry Clayton’ – Stage Name Used Ever So Briefly

<LINK to related Spotify playlist: . Merry Clayton Steals The Show> From Terri Gross‘s 2013 interview on NPR’s Fresh Air radio program, we learn that it was Bobby Darin who had signed Merry Clayton to Capitol Records when the New Orleans-born vocalist was barely fifteen years old. And yes, it

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"Garlic Blues"

Garlic in Popular Music — Garlic Songs

There are a considerable number of people on this planet who are not yet aware of the existence of a restaurant – The Stinking Rose – dedicated to celebrating the garlic bulb in all its glory, with garlic infused into the majority of the menu offerings.  With only two locations

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"Daily Nightly"

“Daily Nightly”: Mickey Dolenz, Moog Pioneer

The rap on The Monkees I remember growing up was that “they didn’t play their own instruments.”  While it is often true that seasoned session players provided much of the musical backing behind the Monkees’ vocal tracks, it is inaccurate and unfair to say that the Monkees didn’t bring their

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