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"Whopin Mama"

Carl Dobson & the Liberals: Lefty Reggae

In the interest of fair and balanced coverage (given yesterday’s item about 60s soul group The Conservatives), today’s piece features an unashamedly left-leaning outfit — Jamaica’s Carl Dobson & the Liberals on their (1976?) single, “W[h]oopin[g] Mama“: “W[h]oopin[g] Mama” + Dub Carl Dobson & The Liberals (1976) Great production from

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"Who Understands" (pt. 1)

The Conservatives: Tax Breaks for the Funky?

Heavy funk circa 1969 from a band with a most unlikely moniker, The Conservatives: “Who Understands” (Pt. 1) The Conservatives (1969?) “Who Understands” (pt. 1 & 2) appears to be the second of two 45s released by the Chicago-based label, Ebonic Sound – both by The Conservatives (“That’s All” b/w

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