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"Musical Fight"

“Musical Fight”: Most Literal Song Title

“Musical Fight” by The Crashers is, literally, a fight set to music — “Musical Fight“ The Crashers (1970) Produced in 1969 by Sonia Pottinger and released as a split single with Stranger & Patsy (“True Love“), this B-side — renamed “Target” — would be released in the UK the following

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"Lucky Ladybug"

“Lucky Ladybug”: First Pop Use of Phasing?

Phasing is a special effect in recorded music that gives the mix an Alice-Through-the Looking-Glass, otherworldly sound and has been famously employed, for instance, on 1967’s “Itchycoo Park” by The Small Faces [first occurs around the 0:50 mark].  As the blog, Let Your Hair Down, helpfully explains: The effect as

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