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"Ham 'N Grits"

“Ham ‘N Grits”: LP Track Only

Check out the opening fuzz bass lines on this tasty album selection – “Ham ‘N Grits” – that never got singled out for release on a Les Paul 45: “Ham ‘n Grits” Les Paul & Mary Ford (1963) Issued on 1963 Columbia album, Swingin’ South – and nowhere else.  Recorded in

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"Grits and Corn Bread"

“Grits & Corn Bread”: Watts 103

Zero to 180’s musical salute to Georgia‘s official prepared food continues with “Grits & Corn Bread,” a song that listeners can enjoy at a variety of playback speeds (I’m partial to the medium speed): “Grits and Corn Bread” The Soul Runners (1966) This debut 45 from The Soul Runners, forerunners to

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"Tacos and Grits"

“Tacos & Grits”: Jazz Trombone

Zero to 180 kicks off its musical salute to grits with “Tacos And Grits,” an obvious winner of an instrumental by jazz trombonist, Al Grey: “Tacos and Grits” Al Grey (1963) This first featured song in Zero to 180’s music & grits series — launched on the heels of Saturday’s

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