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"Dry Bones Twist"

King Records — April 12, 1962

This King twist number – “Dry Bones Twist” by The Drivers – was recorded in Cincinnati on the day my brother, Dean, was born — April 12, 1962: “Dry Bones Twist” The Drivers (1962) <click on all song titles below for streaming audio> Both sides of this King single were penned by

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"Since My Baby Hit the Numbers"

Guitar Crusher: Baby Hit the #’s

Guitar Crusher, I’m happy to report, is still very vital* and, judging from his Facebook posts, appears to be based in Germany, where he performs much of the time. [*Facebook post from September 2020 informs us, sadly, that “Sidney ‘Guitar Crusher‘ Selby didn’t recover after an operation on his spine

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Pioneering Pop: Car Keys as Percussion

In November, 1952 Wynonie Harris – with backing from Sonny Thompson‘s ensemble – recorded three songs at Cincinnati’s King Studios, the most compelling being “Greyhound“: “Greyhound” Wynonie Harris (1952) (Written by Rudy Toombs) I love the driving rhythm that is augmented by a nice jingly set of car keys.  According

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