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"Lothario in A"

“Lothario In A”: Red Rhodes on Elektra

It was a bit of a sea change, prestige-wise, for Red Rhodes to go from “lowly” Crown (and I say that with affection) to Jac Holzman‘s esteemed Elektra label.  Aside from 1970’s supergroup experiment with Red Rhodes, Buddy Emmons, Sneaky Pete, Jay Dee Maness, and Rusty Young – Suite Steel: 

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"Pony Tail"

“Pony Tail”: Red Rhodes on the Crown Label

How inspiring to see that Orville J. “Red” Rhodes — the legendary steel guitarist who, by the late 1960s, was one of the most in-demand session musicians on the West Coast — got his start on budget label, Crown, whose offerings are wryly characterized by Discogs as “musical junk food

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“Mississippi”: Pickwick Would Never Try to Mislead the Public

I remember as a kid learning the hard way about albums disguised as hits collections that were, in fact, faithful renderings by some shadow studio group.  Soundalike LPs, if you will.  Case in point:  18 Golden Hits of 1970.  The singers and musicians who did their best to mimic the

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