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"Love Me When I'm Down"

Soul Inc’s A-Side Turned B-Side?

Louisville’s Soul Inc. is another music group from my hometown’s Ohio Valley region that recorded a local hit (“Love Me When I’m Down“) on a local label (Counterpart) that had been recorded locally (at Ray Allen‘s studio in Louisville perhaps?) and played on local AM hits radio station WSAI (thus,

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"The Perfect Girl"

New Lime’s Mod Organ and Soulful Vibraphone

The mod organ and soulful vibraphone make a winning combination in 1967’s “Perfect Girl” by The New Lime from Campbell County, Kentucky: “The Perfect Girl“ The New Lime (1967) Written by Mickey Foellger [The organ+vibes immediately brings to mind seminal single “Space Walk” by The Astros] It is 2015, and

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