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Cincinnati (OH-KY-IN tri-state area)

King Records — In a Nutshell

What a revelation to find out that World Radio History‘s website not only allows access to a comprehension collection of music trade publications, including Billboard, Cash Box, and Record World, but also the ability to search all back issues simultaneously! What’s especially helpful is how the search results often show

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King’s “Tequila” Knock-Off

King Records, who no doubt envied the massive success of “Tequila” by The Champs, did their level best to cash in, as Johnnie Pate‘s 1958 Federal 45 “Muskeeta” clearly demonstrates, with the flute (substituting for sax) as the lead instrument: “Muskeeta” by Johnny Pate (1958) Recorded in Chicago on March

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"Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me"

Rare & Unissued King/Federal/DeLuxe

R  A  R  E    &    O  B  S  C  U  R  E     K  I  N  G Click on song titles below for streaming audio (where available) Merle Travis — along with Grandpa Jones — would inaugurate King Records in 1943 as the first two musical artists to

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