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"Not Runnin' Away"

Ian McLagan’s Reggae Bump

This past week I had the chance to reread Keith Richards’ 2010 memoir, Life, and somehow I only just now learned that keyboardist Ian McLagan was part of The New Barbarians, a rather unlikely musical aggregation that brought together Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Bobby Keys, and McLagan, with legendary instrumentalists,

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"Rum Bum a Loo"

“Rum Bum a Loo”: $300 Early Reggae

I’m a little surprised more ink has not been expended on a snappy early reggae 45 from 1970 on the Doctor Bird label that can command up to £200 [i.e., $300ish] at auction: “Rum Bum a Loo“ The Message (1970) * “Rum Bum a Loo” was produced for the UK

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"Maria Magenta"

Donovan’s Color-Your-Own Cover

Artsy-craftsy types might find connect-the-dot album covers to be a bit stultifying — where’s the creativity?  Connect these dots – and in this precise order, commands the album cover.  Sorry, I prefer to make my own decisions. One Donovan album I have had a hard time finding in second-hand shops

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