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"Space Walk"

“Space Walk”: Psychedelic Vibes, Man

Paul ‘Ollie‘ Halsall, as previously noted, was one of the rare rock musicians to utilize the vibraphone – an instrument that is often confined to jazz and 1960s pop and northern soul, sadly.  The vibes, when placed in the right context, can add such gorgeous tonal color to a song,

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"Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye"

“Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye”: Unlikely Alien Invasion

Eyeballing the list of artists who released 45s on Decca‘s progressive imprint, Deram, I am amused by the “far-out” band names that remain largely unknown on this side of the pond: West Coast Delegation The Wards of Court Rubber Bootz Cuppa T Granny’s Intentions John Street & the Inmates of

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