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"Moon Flight"

Apollo-Themed 45 Releases

When I was in 11th grade, the unthinkable happened:  I received two Fs in the same quarter!  One of the Fs was in Physics class, an absolute nightmare.  Thankfully, Paul Guinnessy of the American Institute of Physics has helped me deprogram from this hellish experience, thus empowering this historian-in-training to

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"New American Guilt Trip"

“New American Guilt Trip”: Gas Crisis Rock

Thanks to my friend, Tom Avazian, I now own something on ESP-Disk, a pioneering record label that quickly became the primary exponent of free jazz and other experimental musics.  However, this 45 from 1975 – Bill Horwitz‘s cheeky social commentary, “New American Guilt Trip” – has more of a Randy

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