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"Blues Stay Away From Me"

“Countrypolitan” – 1st Sightings

Paul Hemphill‘s The Nashville Sound: Bright Lights and Country Music — published in 1970 during a particularly vibrant musical era — includes this passage about the pushback against attempts to de-emphasize country’s less “polished” elements in order to increase the music’s appeal in the (more lucrative) “pop” marketplace: It isn’t

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"Living on a Prayer, a Hope & a Hand-Me-Down"

Vikki Carr: Living On A Prayer, A Hope & A Hand-Me-Down

Let’s see if we can track all (i.e., at least a handful of) the prominent women pop vocalists’ excursions down South in the late 1960s and into the new decade: (1) Entire chapters have been written about Aretha Franklin‘s first (and oh-so-brief) recording session for producer Jerry Wexler that was

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