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Musical Misprints: Record Label Blunders, Gaffes & Bloopers

Led Zeppelin has found itself on the receiving end of a few memorable misprints, thanks to Atlantic and its international affiliates: Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut 8 track Canada “LED ZEPPLELIN“ The first pressings in Australia for Led Zeppelin’s huge radio hit “Whole Lotta Love” dared to spell “Lotta” with three

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"Tea for Two"

“Tea for Two”: Heptones at Studio One

Tip of the hat to Joe’s Record Paradise, Silver Spring’s legendary music store (that also sells 8-tracks, cassettes, 78s, books, magazines, videos – and includes a shrine to one-time Silver Spring resident, Root Boy Slim, plus lots of other great DC music memorabilia) for a sweet deal on a stack

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"Sweets for My Sweet"

“Sweets for My Sweet”: Unattributed Artist

Imagine browsing through a bunch of old records and finding a cover whose only text was a title – “Bubble Rock is Here to Stay” – and an encircled statement that whimsically declared, “There is no artiste on this album – the songs are the stars.” Only when you pull

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