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50s/60s rockabilly bop +/- boogie

Summer Beach Read – Fun Fluff

Breezy, offbeat, trashy, yet intermittently illuminating – and just in time! Zero to 180’s curated highlights from 1983’s Rolling Stone Rock Almanac humbly serves as your Summer Beach Read!  These carefully selected bits of humor and offbeat information have been lavished with picture sleeves from around the world, streaming audio,

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Advertising +/- marketing in popular music

Muddy Waters: He’s a Pepper, Too

From reading Robert Gordon‘s excellent biography of Muddy Waters – Can’t Be Satisfied –  I learned that the former McKinley Morganfield once made a little pocket change recording a radio spot for Dr. Pepper: Is it really true – as the YouTube video clip contributor asserts – that Randy Newman

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"Ooh Baby"/"Wrecking My Love Life"

“Ooh Baby”/”Wrecking My Love Life”: Bo Diddley, Song Surgeon

In a re-match of three blues heavyweights – Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and Bo Diddley (taking Little Walter’s place) – The Super Super Blues Band from 1968 on Chess is classic stuff.  One of the blues deejays on DC’s WPFW (possibly Bill Wax) once played the album’s second track, which

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