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"Taos New Mexico"

“Taos New Mexico”: Not the City’s Fault

R. Dean Taylor (who left us in 2022) not only wrote songs with famed Motown songwriting team, Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland, but was a hit-making artist in his own right who recorded for Motown – and yet why does it seem like almost nobody in the United

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"No Time at All"

Irene Ryan: Motown’s Newest Teen Sensation

How unfortunate when an actor embodies a character so convincingly that s/he becomes forever associated with that one role – such as Irene Ryan, heretofore known to millions as Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies.  But, as her 1973 UPI obituary points out, Irene Ryan was part of an elite group

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"Barbara's Boy"

“Barbara’s Boy”: Song Premise Invalidated By Modern Science

The Four Tops took a turn for the topical on their 1969 Motown LP, Soul Spin, an album that included this very tuneful track – “Barbara’s Boy” – about the psychological impact of uncertainty over paternity issues in the wake of a failed romantic entanglement: “Barbara’s Boy“ The Four Tops

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