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"Day Sleeper"

“Day Sleeper”: Gaze-strumental

Zero to 180 is still trying to determine why “shoegazer” is some sort of epithet, as this subgenre of indie/modern rock is but a modern update of the psychedelic sound, as much as it might pain old-timers to hear.  Violating its must-be-at-least-20-years-old policy yet again, Zero to 180 feels compelled

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"Deep Twang"

“Deep Twang”: Swervedriver’s Surfgaze

1991’s “Deep Twang” – the B-side of a bonus 7″ from UK’s fabled Creation label – would seem to anticipate the psychedelic surf instrumental sounds that The Mermen would later bring, to great relief, to the DC area on their one and only visit in 1995: “Deep Twang”  Swervedriver (1991)

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"Number 3"

Glamour Camp: Pop Progeny

The mid-to-late 80s was an interesting time in popular music in that the children of the “classic rock” generation were just starting to come into their own.  Ziggy Marley and Julian Lennon come prominently to mind, both having enjoyed hits with “Tomorrow People” and “Valotte,” respectively. In 1985 my college

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