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Henry Glover

King Records Trivia: Maxi-Tweets

Fun Facts & Trivia —  Top Tweets from King Records Month 2018 As with the previous piece (“King’s Jazz Legacy“), it seems silly to keep all this rich history from last year’s King 75th Anniversary tucked away in a file attachment.  One year later, it has become increasingly obvious that

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Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith’s King Productions 1966-1973

– This piece updated with new content in 2024 – LINK to companion piece – Bobby’s Smith King Productions 1963-1965 Bobby Smith, we now know, had been commissioned by Syd Nathan to build a recording studio in Macon, Georgia, the adopted hometown of King Records’ biggest star, James Brown.  Thomas Goodwin

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"Going Back to Alabama"

Mickey Murray LP II: Released?

Soul singer Mickey Murray recorded only two full-length albums over the course of his career — one for SSS International, 1967’s Shout Bamalama & Super Soul Songs  (the label’s first hit for Shelby Singleton), and the other, entitled People are Together, for King subsidiary Federal Records in 1970.  People Are Together

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