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"Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind"

Vashti Bunyan & the Mid-60s Stones

It’s heartening to see how Vashti Bunyan‘s belated recognition — some thirty years or so after the release of her 1970 debut album, Just Another Diamond Day — has inspired Bunyan to record again, resulting in 2005’s well-received, Lookaftering, and this year’s, Heartleap. The articles I’ve read about Vashti Bunyan’s

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“Think”: Squeezing Soul From a Stone

I had assumed lots of people were already familiar with Chris Farlowe‘s kicking mod soul version of Jagger and Richards‘ “Think” from 1966 — but viewership numbers on YouTube tell otherwise: “Think” wisely enjoyed release in India, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden, as well as its native

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