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Rolling Stones — 1964 Cereal Advert

According to Video Beat, Brian Jones wrote this Rolling Stones Rice Krispies jingle (shown only in the UK) with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, who created this 30-second spoof of pop music TV show, Juke Box Jury: Billboard reported in its April 2, 2012 edition: On Sunday’s Mad Men,

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"Fireproof Money Belt"

“Fireproof Money Belt”: Joan Harris, Non-Fictional

Around the same time the fictional Joan Harris was battling the corporate wolves at Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Price in the Mad Men television series, the real Joan Harris was battling fellow artists for her place in the pantheon of pop music.  Harris may or may not have realized all

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"TV Commercials"

“TV Commercials”: ‘Mad Men’ Cautionary Tale

Don Bowman, in February 1961, presciently grasped the enormity of Madison Avenue and advertising’s outsized influence on American attitudes and marketplace behavior in his first single, “T.V. Commercials“: “T.V. Commercials” served as the B-side of “Coward at the Alamo” and, judging by its catalog number, appears to be among the last

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