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"Gonna Get Along Without You Now"

Bossa Country -or- Honky Nova?

On my one and only visit to Northampton, Massachusetts (NRBQ‘s 35th anniversary show in 2004), I ducked into a second-hand vinyl shop and came away with a K-Tel country collection from 1976 — Country Superstars – 20 Greatest Hits This collection of early-to-mid 70s hits includes 1976 dieselbilly hit “Roll

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"The Americans (A Canadian's Opinion)"

A Canadian Defends America

I own fifty or more K-Tel (and Ronco) hits LPs that were issued from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.   I almost passed on Music Power recently, since the cover looked so similar to K-Tel’s other offerings from the early 70s, but upon closer examination, I had to admit

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"The Message"

“The Message”: Nyah Rock from the UK

K-Tel put out a 70s hits package called Super Bad and wisely decided to include Cymande‘s moody and mysterious 1972 hit, “The Message“: “The Message“ Cymande (1972) According to Discogs — Formed 1971 in London, England, disbanded 1974.  Cymande played what they themselves called Nyah Rock:  a mixture of funk, soul,

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