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Experimental pop

Blink and You Miss It — Zapple Records

The timeline in Barry Miles‘ memoir of his ever-so-brief tenure as manager of Zapple Records (“the brainchild of Paul McCartney“) says it all: 1 May 1969 — Zapple launched in the US 9 May 1969 — Zapple launched in the UK June 1969 — Zapple closed. No announcement, funding simply

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50s/60s rockabilly bop +/- boogie

Summer Beach Read – Fun Fluff

Breezy, offbeat, trashy, yet intermittently illuminating – and just in time! Zero to 180’s curated highlights from 1983’s Rolling Stone Rock Almanac humbly serves as your Summer Beach Read!  These carefully selected bits of humor and offbeat information have been lavished with picture sleeves from around the world, streaming audio,

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60s/70s rock +/- pop

Too Far or Not Enough – The Consensus on Lennon?

The overwhelming majority of Beatle novelty and tribute songs were released in the first flush of Beatlemania when the Fab Four were at their peak level of cuddliness.  However, with the release “John You Went Too Far This Time” — in direct response to John & Yoko‘s controversial Two Virgins

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