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"Big Honky Baby"

“Big Honky Baby”: Ellie Greenwich – We Know It’s You

They sure don’t make song titles like “Big Honky Baby” anymore.  This 1962 release by “Kellie Douglas” was, in actuality, famed Brill Building-era songwriter, Ellie Greenwich, stepping out in front of the microphone with a song penned by long-time partner, Jeff Barry: “Big Honky Baby“ Ellie Greenwich (1962) “Big Honky

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"Truck Driver"

“Truck Driver”: Pop Goes the Diesel from The Archies

1968 was a great year for truck driving songs — “My Big Truck Drivin’ Man” by Kitty Wells “Big Rig Rollin’ Man” by Johnny Dollar “Gear Bustin’ Sort of Feller” by Bobby Braddock “There Ain’t No Easy Run” by Dave Dudley “I Want to Be a Truck Driver’s Sweetheart” by

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