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Update: Gerry Goffin Almost Certainly Set Foot in Silver Spring

Gene Rosenthal, owner of Silver Spring’s independent folk/blues/jazz/gospel/reggae/rock label, Adelphi Records, injects a heavy dose of truth into all this wild, half-researched speculation as to whether Gerry Goffin actually came to Silver Spring, Maryland to record his first (of two) solo albums: “Gerry actually had family in the Silver Spring

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"It's Not the Spotlight"

Did Gerry Goffin Ever Record in Silver Spring?

Zero to 180 wonders aloud whether Gerry Goffin — Carole King’s long-time songwriting partner (who left us June 19th, sadly) — did any recording sessions in Silver Spring, Maryland in connection with his 1973 debut solo (double!) album, It Ain’t Exactly Entertainment, released on Silver Spring indie label, Adelphi Records?  Is

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