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"Soul Vibrations"

Dorothy Ashby’s Jazz Harp

Just as Rufus Harley expanded the musical possibilities of the bagpipes, Dorothy Ashby likewise liberated the harp from its orchestral internment.  Dorothy Ashby was, as it says on her 1957 debut album, a “jazz harpist” — though not strictly.  1968’s “Soul Vibrations” as you can hear, also incorporates funk and

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"The Ash Grove"

“The Ash Grove”: Not a Harpo Marx Original

When I first became enchanted with “The Ash Grove” from Harpo Marx‘s Harpo in Hi-Fi album, I initially suspected Harpo to have written the piece: “The Ash Grove“ Harpo Marx (1957) But alas, “The Ash Grove” is a traditional Welsh folk song.  Harpo’s version from 1957, coincidentally or not, predates

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