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"Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye"

“Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye”: Unlikely Alien Invasion

Eyeballing the list of artists who released 45s on Decca‘s progressive imprint, Deram, I am amused by the “far-out” band names that remain largely unknown on this side of the pond: West Coast Delegation The Wards of Court Rubber Bootz Cuppa T Granny’s Intentions John Street & the Inmates of

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"I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun"

Cat Stevens Once Desired a Gun

During the first phase of the Iraq War when tensions were really high, we all remember the news media having a field day when Mr. “Peace Train” himself, the former Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam, born Steven Demetre Georgiou), was discovered to be on the US government’s no-fly list and considered

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"For Old Times Sake"

“For Old Times Sake”: Radio-Ready, Just Needs a Home

Brotherhood of Man, who had a worldwide hit with the title track from their classic 1970 God Pop album, United We Stand, also hit it big with their next 45, “Where Are You Going to My Love.”  One other track from this album – “For Old Times Sake” – had

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