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Bud Hobgood

Bud Hobgood – A Life In Music

From Wax of Stacks — David Bottoms‘ expansive history of Cincinnati’s record labels including, most prominently, King — we learn that recording engineer Lee Hazen generously provided the author a copy of an audio recording of a meeting that had been convened at King Records‘ Cincinnati headquarters by its founder/owner,

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"Man Came Down From the Mountain"

Carolyn Blakey’s ‘Hippy Soul’ 45: Very 1970

“Man Came Down From the Mountain” — the B-side to Carolyn Blakey‘s one and only 45 for King Records — captures the mood and feeling of 1970 in ways that words (“hippy soul“) fail to capture. “Man Came Down From the Mountain” Carolyn Blakey (1970) According to contributor 1stVerse:

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