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"When I Go to the Beach"

“When I Go to the Beach”: The East Coast Surf Sound

June 1967’s single release, “Hit the Surf” by The Sea Shells, may or may not have been the last recording of surf music’s original Golden Age.  Sgt. Pepper‘s release that same month might well have been the final nail in surf’s fiberglass coffin. The music scholars at Rhino Records —

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"I Say Tomato"

“I Say Tomato”: Gershwin for the Honky Tonk Set

I guess it was inevitable that Ruthie Logsdon would pursue music professionally since it was, literally, in her blood:  cousin Jimmie was a one-time King Records recording artist who bestowed upon the world (as Jimmy Lloyd), “I Got a Rocket in My Pocket” – a rockabilly classic.   Ruthie, sure

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"DC's the Telecaster Town"

Fact: DC’s the Telecaster Town

Jake Flack of The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours makes an airtight case for proving that the Nation’s Capital truly is the Telecaster town – and he’s not afraid to name names: “DC’s The Telecaster Town“ The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours (2002) * Danny Gatton & Evan Johns flying blind Roy Buchanan Bill

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